MercachemSyncom involved in development of second-generation AhR inhibitors

MercachemSyncom has been selected as the drug-discovery partner for Hercules Pharmaceutical B.V., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for the treatment of viral diseases and specific cancers, for their project on second-generation AhR inhibitors.

Hercules has extensive knowledge in the area of AhR inhibitors with their compound HP163, which can reduce viral replication in animals infected with ZIKA virus. The same mechanism may apply for reducing replication of the Covid-19 virus.

In a special research program, funded by Groningen-based Pharma Connect Capital and a grant from SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland), potential inhibitors for the treatment of Covid-19 will be investigated. Investment from Pharma Connect Capital and the grant from the SNN will result in Hercules’ operations moving to the extensive life-sciences cluster of Groningen, where MercachemSyncom has a strong footprint.

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