Name Change, Year in Chemistry: Highlights 2020

For us, 2020 has been an exciting year, in which we rapidly adapted to a series of planned, and some unplanned, events. Changing how we interact with our current and prospective clients during the Covid-19 epidemic was not part of our plan, but we have embraced this challenge, and we have adopted effective, new communication methods that will be invaluable long into the future. Examples include our monthly scientific webinars, our virtual company tour, and increased capabilities in videoconferencing that are now part of the new normal.

Amid this shift in the way we work, we've been very busy in many other areas. On this page, we share with you a brief overview of what's new in 2020 and offer a sneak preview into our plans to expand our services further in 2021.

  • We acquired a second GMP production facility in Weert in the Netherlands. With this acquisition, we can support your API production through clinical phase II. Read more.
  • We acquired Admescope (Finland &Sweden), a premium-quality service provider specialized in ADME-Tox studies for pharma and biotech clients around the world. Read more
  • We opened an office at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, to further facilitate interactions with our many US clients. Read more
  • We changed our name to Symeres. This reflects our expansion beyond the core synthetic, medicinal, and development chemistry expertise that MercachemSyncom is known for. Read more.
  • Our network of strategic alliances for integrated drug discovery is growing. The combined expertise of these high-quality organizations can be accessed under a single contract with us. The alliance network now includes:
    • AXXAM (Italy) has deep expertise in assay development, compound profiling, and high-throughput screening. The Symeres "Symegold" 75,000 compound library is now available for screening, alongside the AXXDIV0 libraries at Axxam. Read more.
    • leadXpro (Switzerland) brings long-standing capabilities in structural biology of membrane-bound proteins, such as GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters. Read more.
  • Reflecting our growth, our Business Development team also expanded and gained two new members this year:
    • Russ Thomas joined Symeres as Head of Business Development, bringing further experience of integrated R&D to our growing business
    • Chris Teleha joined our ranks to support our BD efforts in the US. Chris' longstanding career in development chemistry at large pharmaceutical companies, including J&J, brings invaluable experience to our clients' projects.
  • The contribution to our clients' projects has been recognized by Symeres scientists being named inventors on 28 client patent applications in the past year. In addition, we co-authored 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Alongside this, further expansions at our sites allow us to support your projects even further.

  • At our Groningen site, we broke ground on a new building to triple the capacity of our non-GMP kilo lab suites to further integrate operations with our GMP manufacturing facilities in Weert and Prague. Existing lab space is also being refurbished.
  • In Weert, one reactor was replaced with a state-of-the-art 250 L system. We also added a new powder transfer system for the safe handling of potent compounds, minimizing the risk of exposure to a level lower than 1 mg/m3.
  • In Prague, David Dvořák was appointed as Site Manager. The Prague team is further expanding, in anticipation of the new reactor lines that are currently being built.

Although 2020 is coming to a close, our efforts on your behalf do not. For next year, our plans include:

  • Completion of our new non-GMP scale-up facilities in Groningen. Read more.
  • Further expansion of our ADME-Tox platform both at our Admescope laboratories in Finland and Sweden, and with the colocation of some assays at our medchem labs in Nijmegen. This will allow us to further potentiate our ADME-Tox services both as a stand-alone offering and as part of our integrated drug-discovery chemistry projects.
  • In Weert, we will dramatically increase our GMP manufacturing capacity, reflecting the expansion in requests we receive from clients around the world.
  • In Prague, we are also doubling our GMP manufacturing capacity. The first units of our kilo-lab facilities (100 and 160 L) will be ready in Q1 2021. We are also installing new equipment in the R&D and QC labs, such as EasyMax and LabMax reactors, and new UPLCs, to be finished later next year.

So, a lot is happening at Symeres. Want to make sure you don’t miss any news about these changes? Follow us on LinkedIn!

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