Project OPERA, Optimizing LED emitters through chemistry

Would you be surprised to learn of MercachemSyncom’s involvement in optimizing LED emitters? With our reputation in life sciences based small-molecule chemistry, youmay not immediately think of MercachemSyncom in this context. However, project OPERA (Organic Phosphor for Efficient Remote LED Applications) provides a very practical example of the versatility and creativity of our scientists.

To make LEDs of various colors, a blue LED is typically covered with a fluorescent coating that converts blue light to longer wavelengths, to emit red and yellow light.  When we started this project, the life span of organic yellow emitters was less than 600 hours. This was not nearly enough for application in remote LEDs. The organic red emitters had a sufficient life span, but showed a tail in the far red, leading to a relatively low luminescent efficiency. Working in a consortium, alongside Philips Electronics, Philips Lighting, TU Delft, Wacker Chemie, and Nanocomp, our researchers improved the spectral properties of these LED emitters significantly.

Symeres | Tube under UV366nm
MercachemSyncom synthesized a range of novel organic luminescent dyes and measured their properties in ethyl acetate. For the most favorable compounds, PET films were then prepared to measure the redshift and lifetime. With our novel compounds, the life span of yellow emitters was increased to over 27,000 hours. For the red emitters, our new compounds showed a favorable shift compared with the original structure, creating red light with a significantly improved luminescent efficiency. Wondering how we achieved that? This paper may "illuminate" you.

This project is a clear example of our scientists' eagerness and enthusiasm to venture into the unknown. Our core business may be in pharmaceutical discovery and development, but tackling challenging organic chemistry is in our DNA.

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