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Our past webinars

Via the replays below our scientists share their expertise with you.

In vivo pharmacokinetic experiments in preclinical drug development | May 2021

By Dr. Janne Mannila, Head of in vivo Pharmacokinetics at Admescope

Dr. Janne Mannila explains what points are important to consider when planning PK studies and what the components are of an in vivo PK experiment.

Enabling Structure-Based Drug Discovery for Membrane Proteins | March 2021

By Dr. Michael Hennig, CEO at LeadXpro

Dr. Michael Hennig talks about LeadXpro's platform to screen, optimize and structurally characterize small molecules and biotherapeutics in complex with drug targets.

Accelerating Medicinal Chemistry | December 2020

By Dr. Jorg Benningshof, Director Parallel Chemistry

The seminar will highlight how parallel chemistry supports medicinal chemistry endeavors to accelerate the hit exploration and SAR building efforts

Medical imaging and (radio)chemistry | October 2020

By Dr. Ton Visser, Projecta Manager at Symeres

And Prof. Dr. Philip Elsinga,

In this webinar the principals of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are highlighted, showing that this medical imaging technique is able to visualize pathophysiological processes with high precision.

Solid State Chemistry II: Optimal Form Selection by Controlled Crystallization | September 2020

By Dr. Edwin Aret, Principal Scientist

Last June, Dr. Edwin Aret gave an overview of important considerations around solid state chemistry. I this episode, he explains more in-depth how to come to the perfect form of API for your formulation.

Route scouting for kilogram-scale manufacturing of APIs | September 2020

By Dr. Martin Strack, Project Manager

To meet the high-quality demands of an efficient API production process, a deep understanding of the chemistry and a creative, solution-powered mindset is required. In this presentation, a systematic approach is  discussed on how to efficiently create, prove, and improve a chemical process producing a prospective API.

Electrosythesis: Shono oxidation in the synthesis of complex molecules | August 2020

By Wouter Nieuwstraten, Senior Scientist

In this webinar our Senior Scientist Wouter Nieuwstraten will tell you all about his experience with Electrosynthesis, a subject he has explored extensively during his time at Symeres. He also answers several questions about both Elelectrosynthesis in general and the Shono oxidation in particular.

Natural-Product derived novel chemical space | July 2020

By Dr. Bart DeCorte, VP Business Development US

In this webinar our VP business development Dr. Bart DeCorte will tell you all about the possibilities of using natural products as starting point for your drug discovery process.

Solid State Chemistry I: General Introduction | June 2020

By Dr. Edwin Aret, Principal Scientist

In this webinar our Solid State expert Edwin Aret will tell you all about what Solid State Chemistry entails. Please also check out Dr. Arets second webinar on this subject, where he focusses on crystallization.

Chris Teleha

VP Business Development, CMC US




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