Specialty lipids have become an important class of lipids that includes functional group modifications to lipids or designer lipids. Displaying cellular functions by acting as a major component of cell membranes, these varying lipids are utilized across several industries including the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Symeres has been active in the field of lipid synthesis since the 1990s and has significantly potentiated the platform with the 2022 acquisition of our Organix affiliate in Woburn, near Boston MA. 

At Symeres and Organix, we have been involved in proprietary synthesis of novel lipids as well as synthesis of standards from the published literature. We also have in-depth experience in lipid synthesis and offer a wide range of capabilities. We understand that purity is of the utmost importance when it comes to lipids for drug delivery and nano-particle formation. Therefore, our lipids are of the highest purity, and we use only the most reputable of suppliers for our starting materials in any of our lipid and lipoid synthesis.  

Our specialty lipid synthesis capabilities include experience in MC3- a gold standard in ionizable lipids, cationic lipids, lipopeptides, lipoids, biodegradable lipids, arachidonyl lipids, GalNAc derivatives, lipid scaleup, including under GMP and the generation of microspheres.  We have a reputation for supplying high-quality lipids. You need the confidence that you have the best quality lipid for your project. With Symeres and  Organix, you are starting your lipid research with the best chance of success. We can provide first, second and third generation cationic lipids and lipoids, as well as biodegradable lipids and branched lipids for tuning the right nanoparticle stability.  

With the development of novel mRNA-based therapeutics, there has been a rapid increase in the development of novel lipids and lipid technologies, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Symeres has been supporting the global pharma and biotech industry with the synthesis and (ultra)purification of these novel lipids.

development of novel lipids and lipid technologies

Typically, mRNA-based vaccines rely on a lipid formulation to ensure stability and intracellular delivery. As a result, research centered around novel lipids has flourished. Lipid-based formulations of these biopharmaceuticals may provide better specificity for increased immune response and possible dose reduction. There is strong demand for high-quality lipids for drug delivery. We have actively been supporting the global pharma and biotech industry with the synthesis and (ultra)purification of such novel lipids. Our services range from designing and synthesizing new lipids to the development of processes to deliver significant amounts of ultrapure materials (also under GMP certification). the equipment and know-how to purify and analyze these typically nonchromophoric molecules, including automated (reverse-phase) chromatography and preparative HPLC/SFC purification systems equipped with ELSD and CAD detection. Also, we can execute GC-FAME analysis.

Lipid detection

As well as engaging with companies around the world for the custom-synthesis and manufacture of lipids, a selection of available lipids may be purchased directly for research purposes from the stock catalogue of our Organix subsidiary (

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