Chemocatalysis encompasses processes that are accelerated by a substance not consumed during the course of a reaction (a catalyst). It has revolutionized processes in pharmaceuticals, energy, and environmental technology.

The goal is to allow us to quickly assemble complex molecules in a convergent and atom-efficient way, leading to a cost-efficient, environmentally benign synthetic process. Many challenging transformations, such as the enantioselective generation of several chiral centers in one step, can be achieved.

At Symeres, we exploit chemocatalysis to the maximum, ranging from parallel experimentation for compound libraries and late-stage functionalization for drug-discovery activities to applying state-of-the-art metal catalysis at the pilot-plant scale to manufacture APIs for clinical trials. 

Drug discovery

Our drug-discovery capabilities are significantly enhanced by advanced catalytic reactions, allowing us to generate extensive and diverse libraries of compounds. These innovative methods enable the rapid assembly of complex molecules, ensuring a thorough exploration of chemical space and accelerating the discovery of novel therapeutics.

Our team of expert chemists employs state-of-the-art techniques, such as cross-coupling and asymmetric hydrogenation, to streamline the synthesis of these complex molecules. This approach reduces time and costs, while increasing the yield of potential drug candidates. Additionally, our toolbox includes parallel chemistry and catalyst screening, which facilitate the rapid synthesis of analogues using the most suitable catalytic systems.

By integrating catalytic reactions into our discovery pipeline, we expedite the journey from the lab to the market. This allows us to deliver innovative solutions that address the most challenging medical issues with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Drug development

At Symeres, we leverage over 30 years of expertise in complex, chiral chemistry, seamlessly integrating it with the specialized retrosynthesis strategies developed by our dedicated chemocatalysis team. This unique combination enables us to effectively apply catalytic processes to our customers’ projects wherever they are most appropriate and fit for purpose. Our deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of catalysis allows us to design and implement efficient, high yielding, and selective chemical reactions tailored to meet specific project requirements. A wide range of catalyst screening kits are available in house ready to be tested on your specific target compound. Symeres ensures a seamless transition from small lab scale to the pilot plant with robust infrastructure for scaling up. By utilizing advanced catalytic techniques, we make certain that our solutions not only enhance the performance and sustainability of the chemical processes, but also align with the strategic objectives and timelines of our clients. 

Nonprecious metals, such as copper, are carefully considered at Symeres as alternatives in catalytic processes to reduce manufacturing costs. The adoption of these more-abundant and less-expensive metals can substantially decrease the overall expense associated with traditional catalysts that rely on precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. This strategic substitution not only makes the production processes more cost-effective, but also aligns with sustainable practices by reducing the reliance on scarce and often environmentally impacting resources.

Last, but not least, organocatalysis can be an alternative to metal-catalyzed processes. The use of simple L-proline, chiral Brønsted acids, or phase-transfer catalysts delivers optically active molecules using cheap and environmentally friendly reagents, which do not require additional scavenging of heavy metals. From the synthesis of specific catalysts to their implementation in synthesis, our services ensure top-quality results tailored to your needs.

Chemocatalysis is frequently the best approach in the synthesis of complex molecules, and our experts know how to use it optimally. Together, we can shape the future of medicine with innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions. Reach out to us today to catalyze your pharmaceutical projects with us!

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