Symeres is a leading, mid-sized, transatlantic Contract Research Organization.

With over 600 highly educated scientists in six locations in Europe and two in the USA, we offer best-in-class solutions for drug discovery and drug development. We offer interesting jobs for chemists, and for people in supporting roles.

World-class expertise in discovery and development chemistry

Symeres is a premium CRO with eight sites in Europe and the USA. We are built on excellence in small molecule discovery and development, and custom synthesis.

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>30 years track record of successful project progression for our clients

In our state-of-the-art laboratories, we perform chemical synthesis from milligram to kilogram scale. Compound classes vary from very small volatiles to high-molecular-weight conjugates (28,000 Da), and lipohilic oils to water-soluble fragments.

Symeres parallel chemistry

High staff retention gives you highly experienced teams

Aided by the latest technologies and equipment, and with consolidated experience in the field, Symeres is a trusted partner for the synthesis and delivery of highly complex molecules.

Symeres Weert and computational chemistry

Creative and adaptive problem-solving

Symeres is involved in the latest developments in the field of chirality, ranging from enantioselective synthesis to attrition-enhanced kinetic resolutions. We are world leaders in developing classical resolution processes and inventors of the Dutch resolution.

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Excellence in communication

Lab 3 Symeres filtration and analysis

Trusted partner network for integrated discovery and development solutions

From hit finding to clinical supply with a single partner

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