Synthetic Chemistry

Symeres’s customers

Our company’s 30 year history is rooted in solving synthetic challenges and preparing research compounds for global partners. Our clients are leaders in the pharma, biotech, and agrochemical industries. We also support companies and institutes working in the fields of materials sciences, polymers, diagnostics, flavors and fragrances, fine chemicals, electronics, and pigments.

Contract Research Synthesis

Collective technical knowledge and hands-on experience are deeply rooted in our company. We tap into that cumulative resource every day for our clients. Alongside high productivity and problem-solving capabilities, our excellent communication, proactive attitude, and quick adaptation to priority changes are highly appreciated by our clients.

Close links between chemists, project leaders, and managers within our company allow a seamless transfer of IP and knowledge and integration with projects and other disciplines, in either your own or Symeres’ Drug Discovery, Process Development, or API Development departments. Our flexible approach in FTE-based contract research agreements allows you to include us in your project needs.

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Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis of research compounds includes the preparation of building blocks, reference standards, metabolites, impurities, stable isotope-labeled compounds (2H, 13C and 15N), diagnostics, (cleavable) linkers, and tool/test compounds. We can also provide periodic supply of materials, according to Manufacturing and Supply Agreements.

For off-the-shelf solutions to your needs, please also have a look at our catalog compounds, available via Chiralix, a Symeres company.

Innovative Technologies

Our chemists incorporate the latest discoveries in organic chemistry and purification technologies into the workflows of our laboratories. For example, flow chemistry is used to efficiently run exothermic or photochemical reactions, and electrochemistry and photoredox catalysis are applied to perform oxidations that are inaccessible via traditional chemistry. Novel automated purification equipment is available as standard in each synthesis lab.

Available techniques for compound analysis and structure elucidation are advanced NMR spectroscopy, (chiral) UPLC, (chiral)(preparative) HPLC-MS, chiral SFC, HRMS, FTIR, optical rotation, and DSC.

Chiral Technologies

Our diastereomeric salt-screening system allows for a rapid screening of resolving agents (over 300 available in-house) for classical resolutions, with a success rate of >95%. The same system can be applied to salt-formation screening for purification purposes. Symeres is a leader in the field of optical separation, including attrition-enhanced deracemization and buoyant density separation.

Our chemists leverage 30+ years of experience in this field and have access to state-of-the-art chiral analytical equipment, such as chiral HPLC, chiral (preparative) SFC, and Solid-State chemistry.

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