C&ENs 10 Start-Ups to Watch

Posted on 22 November 2021

This week, the 2021 Chemical & Engineering News list of ‘10 Start-Ups to Watch’ came out. This much-anticipated yearly selection brings significant attention to budding companies that have not necessarily been in the spotlight. Seeing a client of ours included in this distinguished list is particularly exciting for us, knowing we have contributed to the success they have achieved so far.

Biotech companies require several key attributes to be successful. Alongside an innovative approach to disease biology, and a high-quality management team able to steer the programs towards the clinic, many startup companies today are relying increasingly on high-quality external partnerships for their drug-discovery needs, including medicinal chemistry, ADME-Tox, and biological profiling.

For more than three decades, Symeres scientists have collaborated as the partner of choice with both startup and established drug-discovery organizations. With over 500 scientists, our organization provides services covering the chemistry, ADME-tox, and integrated drug-discovery needs in all stages of the R&D process. Clients approach us with requests for virtual screening, hit confirmation and hit-to-candidate activities, route scouting, and scale-up through to clinical supply.

Many of our collaborations start small, with a fee-for-service or short-term FTE-based project. This allows the client to get to know us, and for us to demonstrate how we offer value. Frequently, the relationship expands, and several biotech companies have been clients of ours for many years, and they partner with us on multiple drug-discovery programs at any one time. The graphic below shows that the size of our collaborations varies widely, and no client is too small for us to give them our undivided attention.

Geographically, our client base is distributed around the world, thus we support European, North American, and Asian R&D organizations.

Symeres clients around the world

While our organization continues to grow, and as we further expand the services we provide, we pride ourselves in being ’large enough to matter, and small enough to care.’ We invite you to learn more about our organization by browsing our website and by taking a virtual tour of our facilities.

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