An interview with Yadan Chen and Paul O’Shea

Posted on 18 January 2023

We are pleased to introduce the founders of Symeres’ daughter company Exemplify: Yadan Chen, CEO, and Paul O’Shea, Chief Scientific Officer. Who are they? What do they stand for? And how does Exemplify fit with Symeres?

Yadan and Paul, could you share something about yourselves that’s not on the website or LinkedIn?

Yadan: As a child, I always had a love for problem-solving games, like riddles and puzzles. My curiosity-driven mentality has made me a student for life. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy competitive tennis and trying out different international cuisine.

Paul: Not surprisingly, as a chemist, I love to cook. I am a big fan of BBQ and recently invested in a smoker. There’s nothing like a nice sunny day in the backyard with a cold beverage (or two), slow cooking a delicious meal to enjoy with friends and family. I am also an avid fan of live music (especially rock music), and in my leisure time, I have attended thousands of events from local bands to stadium shows all over the USA.

What would be the “elevator pitch” for Exemplify if you had to give one?

Exemplify is proud of our “under one roof” offerings in small-molecule CMC development at the pre-IND stage. With combined regulatory–CMC consulting and laboratory expertise located near Princeton, New Jersey, we are optimally suited to serve clients who conduct clinical trials in the USA. Joining the Symeres family allows us to expand our offerings beyond our current capabilities and capacity.

Having made Exemplify such a success, what are you both most proud of so far?

When we founded Exemplify, our focus was to build a differentiated CMC business model in the CRO marketplace that would provide true value to our clients. We are very proud that our unique blend of consulting and laboratory support has enabled many clients to advance their programs through the drug-development process. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the development of novel medicines that can help improve patients’ lives, and Exemplify is committed to bringing value to our partners and making a positive impact on client’s programs.

What are the special things about the Exemplify culture that you want to maintain as part of the Symeres family?

We are a talent-based organization. Our business success relies on the success and career development of our employees. Our leadership team has made it a priority to build a team focused on collaboration, continuous education, and application of the breadth/depth of their knowledge to the fullest extent possible. We encourage creative thinking, customer focus, and scientific excellence.

How has it been so far? What are your first impressions of interacting with Symeres?

From our first interaction with the Symeres leadership team, we recognized that they, like us, had a true passion for chemistry and scientific excellence. We are all trained chemists, and we speak the same language. Our vision for growth (to become a global leader and full-service CMC powerhouse) is superimposable.

What do you see as the opportunities for the Exemplify–Symeres combination in the coming years?

We are no longer flying solo!

Bringing organizations with a common mission together always creates new opportunities. Exemplify and Symeres have an aligned vision to grow and expand the business and create tangible value for clients. Exemplify will benefit from being part of a larger organization supportive of its growth strategy and will provide the Symeres group with a platform to access new CMC opportunities in the USA. Our expectation is that this will lead to new opportunities for business development, project collaboration, and career development that will enhance business offerings to new and existing clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

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