Peter Molenveld Assumes Role as Secretary of KNCV (Royal Netherlands Chemical Society)

Posted on 10 January 2024

Symeres is proud to announce that our colleague Dr. Peter Molenveld has been appointed as a board member of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV). His appointment as Secretary marks a crucial milestone in Molenveld’s career and signifies his commitment to advancing the interests of the chemical community in the Netherlands.

The KNCV is the largest chemical professional association in the Netherlands. Their member base consists of 8,500 people with a shared passion for molecules and includes chemists, life scientists, process technologists and (bio-)molecular scientists. 

The KNCV is the representative of chemistry, life sciences and process technology in the Netherlands, three disciplines that contribute significantly to the Dutch social and community welfare. A quarter of the Dutch research and development expenses are related to the molecular sciences.

Peter Molenveld was educated as an organic chemist at Enschede University of Applied Sciences and at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. He carried out his PhD research at the University of Twente in supramolecular chemistry, including synthesis, catalysis and bio-organic chemistry. Since 1999 Peter has been working at Symeres, where he has been leading the Synthetic Chemistry department at the Nijmegen site as Director of Chemistry for many years. Peter has already been secretary of the KNCV division Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology for 9 years (2012-2021) and is a member of the KNCV divison Organic Chemistry since his studies.

Peters tenure as Secretary comes at a critical juncture for the chemical industry, with challenges such as sustainability, innovation, and global collaboration at the forefront. His background positions him well to contribute valuable insights into navigating these challenges and identifying opportunities for the Dutch chemical community to thrive.

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