Our Article Published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Posted on 9 February 2024

Symeres is thrilled to announce the publication of a scientific article in the prestigious Journal of Medicinal Chemistry with our colleague Koen Hekking as the main author and many more Symerians involved! We are incredibly proud of our colleagues who were instrumental in the research and development of this innovative project.

The article with the title ‘Development of Potent Mcl-1 Inhibitors: Structural Investigations on Macrocycles Originating from a DNA-Encoded Chemical Library Screen’ showcases a macrocyclic medicinal chemistry project that our parallel and medicinal chemistry groups collaborated on a few years ago, in partnership with X-Chem, Inc. It’s a story of teamwork, dedication, and expertise, highlighting several areas of Symeres’ capabilities. 

From parallel macrocycle synthesis to NMR-based conformational analysis, structure-based design leveraging X-ray structures, multigram scale-up, and physchem optimization of large molecules, this project demonstrates the depth of our scientific knowledge and the breadth of our technical proficiency. 

Moreover, this marks the third paper detailing Symeres’ efforts in optimizing hits from DNA-encoded libraries, underscoring our extensive experience and leadership in this specialized field.

Congratulations to all our colleagues involved in this remarkable achievement, Koen Hekking, Marjon Bolster, Sergio Maroto, Kees van Kekem, Frank Haasjes, Jack Slootweg, Patrick Oude Alink Ron Dirks, Brian Kuijpers, Robin Doodeman, and Dennis Smith!

Your hard work, ingenuity, and collaborative spirit have once again propelled us to the forefront of scientific innovation. 

The article can be found at https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.jmedchem.3c02206

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