Symeres CEO Eelco Ebbers Speaks on “Leaders in Life Sciences” Podcast

Posted on 23 April 2024

Symeres CEO Eelco Ebbers recently shared his insights on the renowned “Leaders in Life Sciences” podcast, hosted by Henk Jan Out. Recorded at the Pivot Park in Oss, near our subsidiary Oncolines, the interview delved into various facets of Eelco’s journey, including his educational background in organic chemistry, Symeres’ services and strategy, as well as personal interests such as family and hobbies. 

Listeners gain insights into his partnership with Mercachem co-founder Frank Leemhuis, their entrepreneurial beginnings, and the gap in the market that fueled their venture. Eelco elaborates on Symeres’ tailored services for biotech and big pharma clients, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing excellent scientists with the creative freedom necessary to tackle complex chemical challenges.

Moreover, Eelco discusses the strategic decision to merge with Syncom in 2017, leading to the rebranding of the company as Symeres and the implementation of a Buy and Build Strategy. This strategic move facilitated four European and two American acquisitions from 2018 to 2023, establishing Symeres as a leading transatlantic Contract Research Organization for outsourced drug discovery and development solutions.

As Symeres continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the life sciences industry, Eelco’s interview exemplifies the company’s progressive outlook under his leadership. We invite you to listen to the whole conversation and discover more about Symeres’ innovative approach.

The podcast (in Dutch) can be accessed here. Eelco Ebbers – Leaders in Life Sciences

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