New 100 L vessels in Groningen

Posted on 1 May 2024

The first of the two new 100 L glass-lined stainless steel reactor lines has successfully finished the testing and now it is operational at our Groningen site. By doubling our batch size capacity, we have increased the efficiency for large-scale non-GMP production projects. This will result in faster delivery times for our clients and less batch routine work for our chemists. 

With these reactors we can perform most of the standard chemical reactions, except hydrogenations using H2 gas. 

At the first test the reactor was used for vacuum distillation of a Huber oil which went without any problems and in total, we managed to regenerate ~110 L of oil that can be reused in our systems. After thorough cleaning the 100 L reactor was used for a Suzuki coupling reaction – again this proceeded without any problems. Only the cleaning of the reactor was more laborious than we were used to on our 50 L reactors, however, the result was spotless, and the reactor is ready for its next challenge! 

The 2nd line should be available soon, only a few tests are pending before it can be released for use. We trust that with more time and experience the use of the new systems will become easier and more efficient and our chemists and clients will only benefit from them. 

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