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Ullmann Reaction White paper

The pharmaceutical industry is transforming with non-noble-metal catalysis leading the way! At Symeres, we’re embracing copper-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions (Ullmann-type reactions), to replace palladium, offering safer and more sustainable options for drug manufacturing. Scaling-up air-sensitive Ullmann reactions can be challenging, but we’ve got it covered! With over 30 years of chemistry expertise, our toolkit includes high-throughput experimentation, extensive catalyst libraries, safety assessments, analytical development, and GMP documentation. Even after achieving full conversion with an excellent product LCAP, postreaction copper removal is critical to the elemental purity of the product. We employ filtration, solvent extraction, and chelating agents to minimize the copper content, ensuring high-quality APIs. Our interdisciplinary approach yields efficient, scalable processes developed in a reliable and swift manner. Symeres excels at overcoming scaleup challenges, making us your go-to partner for scaling-up Ullmann reactions and beyond. Let’s elevate your API manufacturing together!

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